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Construction and Maintenance Preparation Course 309A

Exam 309A

CCPDL offers a exam preparation course for construction and maintenance electricians to help prepare for and successfully write the Certificate of Qualification exam.  This course deals not only with the academic aspects of the exam but also with the real world applications.

The course is divided up into modules each dealing with a different topic found on the exam.  Since the material being covered in each module is independent of the other modules, there is no set order in which you must cover each module.

The instructor go over the theory and skill required for that topic to make sure the participant has the necessary competency but there is a heavy emphasis on actual question solving to provide the participant with a proven strategy to successfully pass the exam.  The instructor achieves this by providing personal attention to each participant to ensure a thorough understanding of the material.

The focus of this course is to help develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to successfully write and pass the certification exam, not to teach the principals of electricity and the electrician’s trade.

Training for Construction Electrician Exam

Tuition Fee: $1999.00


Duration: 40 hours (10 weeks)

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