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University College Partnership


For students who wish to move on from their education with CCPDL and continue studying at another Ontario college or university, we offer services through our university and college partnerships to help assist them in their application process.

Our student advisors are available to discuss options and help students select programs that are of particular interest to them and within their level of qualifications. We will help with every stage of the application and enrollment process:

-Deciphering any prerequisites or qualifications needed to be admitted to their program choice;

-Completing and evaluating any needed documentation or application forms;

-Getting in touch with the college or university on the student's behalf in order to attain any needed information and/or to ensure their application has been received and processed successfully;

We will also help students with other transitional problems that might be encountered, such as finding new accommodations, processing payment of fees and the completion of any paperwork that may be needed.

At CCPDL, student success is what matters most! We strive to assist our students in any way possible. If there is any additional way in which we can help you reach your educational or career goals, please contact us to let us know!