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Internship Assistance


CCPDL's programs allow young adults from various countries to learn the social, academic, career and life skills necessary for success, and also help some to improve their English language skills.

Our mission is to inspire independence and expand the foundation on which young adults can build happy and productive lives.

An internship can help to boost a student into the working world and more fully prepare them for their future career. Our internship program allows students to gain hands-on workplace experience during their time of study with CCPDL. By partnering with successful local businesses, we are able to provide students with opportunities to work with industry leaders, gaining invaluable knowledge and mentorship.

Why consider an Internship?

  • It helps you gain real-world insight into a field of study
  • You can apply skills and techniques learned in classes and labs
  • You can build necessary employable skills
  • You can earn income to help pay for your education
  • You gain valuable experience that you can include in your résumé
  • You can develop important contacts within an employment sector
  • You can access a company for future full-time employment upon graduation

The Internship Process:

  1. Meet with the internship coordinator to learn more about an opportunity
  2. Watch for internship postings and related events on the Hired Portal
  3. Attend internship presentations and information sessions
  4. Have your resume and cover letter critiqued by Career Services
  5. Apply for internship opportunities by following the protocol identification the posting. Regardless of the method of the application to the employer, applicants must fill out an Internship Application through Career Services
  6. After the employer reviews your application, selected students are invited for an interview
  7. The employer extends the internship offers top the successful candidates