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Visa Application

International students will need a valid visa to study in Canada. Once you have been offered admission, you should immediately apply for your visa. In some countries the visa processing time is more than three months.

Before you submit a student visa application, you will need:

  • An acceptance letter from CCPDL
  • Financial proof that you can support yourself while studying at CCPDL (tuition fees and living expenses)
  • A valid international passport

Other Requirements**

  1. Evidence of your intention to return to your home country once you have completed your studies. Documentary evidence is preferred.
  2. You should also be prepared to talk about why you wish to study at CCPDL, and why you have chosen your particular course(s). You will need to convince the Visa Officer that you do not intend to work full-time during your stay in Canada.


** You must satisfy the Visa Officer on all of the above points.

Please visit the following links for more information on applying for your student visa:

CCPDL offers a visa assistance program to incoming international students who wish to study. Working with students, our advisors will help with the application process and preparation of documents. We will help to ensure all necessary paperwork has been completed and submitted and alert the student as to what supporting documentation they need to provide to their consulate or embassy. Please contact us for any questions or concerns related to obtaining your student visa.